Human Performance Platform


Our program engages with company leaders to create turn-key tactical solutions customized to target your company’s KPIs. Through strategic visual solutions and award-winning execution, our vertically integrated platform promotes a workplace culture of diligence, interconnectedness, and excellence to drive personal performance and leadership development, and improve workforce safety and peer-to-peer engagement.

A unique design concept now in its 9th version of best practices and lessons learned – working directly with both owner/operators and contractors (Union/Open). Vetted, tested and proven in the U.S and Canada – we can directly drive your daily performance metrics (safety, schedule, quality and financials) using this innovative human performance based strategy.

Given that people are fallible, and even the best people make mistakes, new controls can be put in place to focus more so on the mental and emotional states prior to performing the work.

Behind The Scenes

Go behind the scenes with a commentary from design and producer Parrish Owen Taylor. Get an inside look on how this innovative use of video learning aides can condition daily attitudes and behaviors that drive your key performance indicators.

Dwight Abshire – Corporate Safety Director

The HPP provides tools to train your teams and direct attention to self-awareness, thereby improving competency and increasing safety.

Gerald Pullin – Owner of United Safety Associates

The HPP enables you to combat situations where experienced and qualified craftspeople make decisions that diverge from what they their skills and experience have taught them.


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Regardless of your industry, your title, your roll or responsibilities – if you are human, you and everyone around you wins with more EQ-conversations in your huddle.

Our content provides new models and controls to mitigate human error from mental distractions and emotional disruptions.

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    The Solution

    The best practice of Integrated Safety Management and Human Performance Strategies reference “error-reduction tools”. It’s our professional opinion (valid and proven) that these error reduction tools can be drastically improved through workforce EQ-education and training.

    Current error-reduction tools such as “self-checking”, “questioning attitude”, “peer-checking” and “second person verification” are all improved when coupled with increased emotional intelligence skills and emotional quotient competencies such as “self-awareness” skill-sets, “self-regulation” skill-sets and “self-motivation” skill-sets.

    Our customized visual campaigns work to bridge significant workforce gaps and improve your company’s KPIs of safety, productivity, schedule, cost, and absenteeism. We work to bring on-demand draft education and awareness while cultivating the critical attitudes and beliefs needed for long term company success. Our visual strategic tools also serve to celebrate project milestones and onsite news in real time fashion.


    Front Line Assessment and Development
    Conduct leadership skill benchmarking resulting content strategy and message which is used for intra and interpersonal skill development

    Instructional Design and Messaging
    Utilize adult learning principles using emotional intelligence assessments, career maps, and workforce education that directly improve workforce engagement and behavior-based KPIs

    Operational Procedures
    Address areas of focus using field tools and learning aides targeting all-hands or site-specific crews, using a strategic approach and unique set of tactical processes and procedures to drive target KPIs

    Unify Teams
    Provide on-site content that engages workforce, frontline management and reinforces senior management’s core values, attitudes, and beliefs

    Visual Tools
    Disseminate critical information regarding safety, productivity, schedule, and milestones using visual media to provide on-demand education and increase awareness

    Hardware and Technicians
    Highly responsive to onsite needs by engaging daily with your workforce and producing web-based and onsite content distribution solutions

    Provide support for technical challenges and communication needs to assist your company’s communication teams


    Sample Deliverables

    Get on-demand draft education and awareness while cultivating the critical attitudes and beliefs needed for your company’s long term success.